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 Aran Capturable

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PostSubject: Aran Capturable   Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:36 pm

It has been debated for a very long time in X3 if the Aran is captuable in Vanilla.
But guess what? It is! So stop arguing and accsept the facts. Heres how to get this ship.

Ship Class: M1
Race: Goner
Max speed: 12ms
Hull: 340,000
Max Lazer: 0
Shield RG: 34200
Max Shield: 6x2 GJ Shields
Max Shield: 12,000,000
Turrets: 3
Hangar: 30
Max Cargo: 120,000
Ware class: XL

Compatable Lazers: NONE
Compatable Missles: NONE

You will need:
-Five 5 Star Marines
-A ship that can launch marines
-Goner Plot Completed (UFJD)
-Boarding equippment.

Step 1:
You need to use the Unfoccused Jump Drive to "Jump" to the unknown sectors.
There is a 10% chance for the Aran to appear. When it does appear you cant target it so dont use boarding pods. It's not the sector map either so you just have to look around!

Step 2:
Once the Aran is spotted you will have to get pretty close, as its the 2nd largest ship in the game it might get akward. Once there you have to get out of your ship, yes get out. Then use your repair lazer on your space suit to "attack" the ship. If you use any other weapon other than a tractor beam then the ship would simply die.

Step 3:
Soon the Aran will go hostile. You will know because the background music will change. Now get back into your ship. Make shure your turrets are off just in case too. Now select the command consil>Piracy>Board>Target Nearest Ship (Aran)

Step 4:
It was nice that EGOSOFT took away this ships shields! But left it with 5% hull... (Khaak?) But other than that you can just sit there and watch your marines slowly drift towards their target. Once they breach the hull you can waste your time hearing them scream and stuff.

Step 5:
Once the ship is captured it should be target able if you have updated to the latest patch before you decided to do this. If not then you can command it from the properities menu.

Step 6:
You can now dock at this amasing ship! It's a slow pain is the A** but it is well worth it.

Note: You can capture as many Arans as you want! (Glitch?) But Guess what! They each sell for about 100,000,000 credits at full hull%
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Aran Capturable
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