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PostSubject: Civilization   Sat Sep 25, 2010 1:57 pm

# The Ottoman Empire, situated in the prime position between Europe and Asia, was the location of great technological and militarist improvements. Even though the Ottoman Empire did not colonize (they focused on Europe), the Ottomans did have heavy influence on Eastern Europe, and possessed the main trade route to Asia until the path around Africa was discovered.
# Bonus: With the Ottomans, you don't have the option to build villagers. Instead they spawn slowly, for free, from your Town Center, and they do not stop until you have reached a limit. You must research technologies at your Mosque (Church) if you wish to go beyond that limit, and the Mosque also lets you increase their spawn rate as well. The Ottomans also have Colonial Age access to the Artillery Foundry.
# Unique Units: Abus Gun (light artillery), Cavalry Archer (mounted archer), Great Bombard (heavy artillery), Imam (unique healer), Janissary (heavy infantry), Spahi (heavy cavalry)
# Royal Guard: Gardener Hussar (Hussar), Baratcu Grenadier (Grenadier)
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