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PostSubject: Civilization   Sat Sep 25, 2010 1:58 pm

# Tsarist Russia, known for its military accomplishments and rapid expansion, was a strong military oriented nation. Colonation extended from what is now Alaska down to northern California, but Spanish settlement in those locations forced the ill-supplied settlers back to Alaska. Regardless, Russia was a substantial European power during AoE III's timeframe.
# Bonus: Trains Settlers and Infantry in groups -- Settlers in groups of 3, Halberdiers in groups of 4, Musketeers in groups of 5, and Strelets in groups of 10. All of these are cheaper and produced quickly, but are weaker than normal. They also have a unique building, the Blockhouse, that's a cross between a Barracks and an Outpost that takes the place of both buildings.
# Unique Units: Cavalry Archer (mounted archer), Cossack (fast light cavalry), Oprichnik (light raiding cavalry), Strelet (light infantry)
# Royal Guard: Pavlov Grenadier (Grenadier), Tartar Cavalry Archer (Cavalry Archer)
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