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 Operation Final Fury Plot

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PostSubject: Operation Final Fury Plot   Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:16 pm

Final Fury Mission 1.

Head back to Omicron Lyrae. There you will find a ship called “Exterminator”.

At this point, a high race ranking with nearly everyone is essential, and the mission your about to do, makes the next set of Terran missions easier. So think about ranks for a sec, and either do some serious rank building work.

Comm the Exterminator, and you get offered a place in the Final Fury Mission.

Follow him to Black Hole Sun.

On arrival, a big attack by Xenon commences, including quite a few P’s. The mission now pays C300k+ you will notice, so this is an earner mission. A huge step up from the Terran missions where they paid in peanuts and M5's (bigger peanuts).

Clear out the Xenon !

When all the Xenon are litter, follow Exterminator again, south to Nathans Voyage, west into the Unknown Sector, and south into Argon Sector M148.

Dock at the Military Base (not the Outpost which will be showing red).

End of mission, payday bigtime if you got the job done.

Final Fury Mission 2.

Take an advanced satelite into Khaak Sector 931, and drop in the center of the sector. Then go scan the station. Easy right ? Ummmm.

To get there, shift-J to get the jump map, then hit K to get the map to find the Khaak sector for you, which should be highlighted in yellow. Accept that and you jump in.

Don’t Panic. The sector is heavily red.

Punch f for freight bay, select the advanced satelite, and eject it, as fast as you can.

Now hit maximum speed and go to the station. Try very hard to get there before anything can catch up with you. If your in a slow ship, rethink your ship ! Speed helps here. Shielding is good but if you can do this fast enough, you don’t need it.

At the station, you get a warning to slow down so the scanner will work, do so, keep moving, keep close to the station, but don’t make yourself a target.

When the scan is complete, jump out as fast as you can. Anywhere that comes to hand fastest.

With luck, speed and a steady hand, you should get out unscathed.

Jump back to Argon M148, where you get a message asking you to go to another Khaak sector to retrieve a flight recorder.

Jump there, and the recorder is shown as a container on the nav map.

Then get the hell out before the red becomes nasty.

Jump back to Argon M148, and its mission over.

Now at this point, there is a program bug. The Split commander starts talking before the computer voice is finished, so you don’t get to hear the Split at all.

As it turns out, the mission is complete, theres no mission for now, you will get called back when the next mission is ready.

Final Fury Mission 3.

Dock with the Military Base (again). Straight forward mission, jump into next door Unknown Sector and scan the roids for high yield ones.

So, jump and scan. Now the normal way is to target a roid, get into scanning distance and scan. So a sector full of them takes time.
Only ..... theres more.

The found 3 roids, so they are sending in a TL to build mines on them, the job is to keep the TL safe.

TL jumps in. And holey shit, the sector turns red with Khaak in all directions and its instant furball with Fighters all over the place and everything else pecking at you.

TL builds 2 mines without incident, and heads off accross sector to the 3rd roid.

TL gets the 3rd mine built and its mission over. Hey I yelled, what about paying me ! Nope. Got a rep increase, but no money. I guess losing TL’s came out of my pay which was supposed to be over 300k. And that furball could have been a serious drain on funds if I’d lost a shield for even an instant.

Moral of all this ? If you don’t see the ship your minding, immediately jump to the next gate and check for it there !

Final Fury Mission 4.

Convoy duty. *

Jump to East gate this time of the Unknown Sector just north, and 3 ships to escort, 2 freighters and an Osprey.

Nice quiet beginning. Then 2 scouts at long range, then a few more.


I watch the pattern forming as we move SW. A snaking wall starts to form in red on the scanner.

Ok, party time, target the nearest Fighter......wait for it.....wait for it..... select big guns, target......fire.

Don’t get too far from the convoy, but target any fighter that comes close. Speed run, kill, double back. Am I really glad I overclocked this ship by mistake, as the speed is really important here. Intercept, kill, double back, select, intercept, kill, double back, catchup the convoy, select....on and on and on.

Finally a break as we near the south gate. Watching freighters go through a gate is like watching grass grow and not quite as exciting.

Finally the first one is lined up for the jump, and theres a red blip almost on top of us, a Khaak Cluster. Speed, line up, kill. Stop, go back to being bored.

First ship is through........then the second......and now the third, and....

New orders, theres a scout heading away, follow it.

It’s a damn slow scout too, so I idle along, feeling like a man being led to the noose as Khaak slowly ring around me.

Suddenly at scanner edge in the center of the sector, a Khaak station !

Cant pay attention, a corvette is almost on me. Turn, target, kill. And hell breaks loose again as the noose tightens around me. Target, shoot, on and on, and finally a break and speed towards the station.

When close enough, new orders, take it out.

Mission complete, compliment from the boss, and what no money again ? What is this ? Damn, its still a hornets nest and all the support ships have pissed off and left me with them. A few minutes later and its clear enough to think again.

Quick jump into M148, dock at the Military Base.

Final Fury Mission 5

Death or Glory time !

Jump to Khaak Sector 931 and clean it out, because someone got toasted there recently.

Standard furball, 1 corvette, rest mainly smaller stuff. Some support, so not all that trying. When all are dust, its mission complete, no need to jump home, but I do anyway.

And we get PAID ! I clocked up about 512k, and now up to 283 kills.

Back to M148 and no missions for once.

Final Fury Mission 6.

Convoy duty in the Zone again. Oh joy.

Jump to the east gate in the unknown sector, and 6 Borons await. The standard 2 scouts show up, then 2 clusters jump in close that I take out without them breaking. Then its on. A group of fighters jump in on top of us and I manage to take them out quickly. Then I goof and get lured away like last time, and another group of fighters jump in on the convoy and I’m too far away to get there in time ! Not a happy Split.

What is this fighters with jump drive stuff ? Not a nice tactic development.

Jump in the east gate, and 4 Teladi already well advanced.

Usual scouts at long distance but leaving them behind this time. Front turrent on shoot my target, and the rest on attack enemies. One of the scouts slides up behind me and dies before I even knew he was there. Much better !

A cluster jumps in close, 10km away, so peel off to take it. I’ve got my PBE’s all round this time and at 6km, they break up the cluster. So then I find the guns fall silent in the break between target acquisition. I change to Attack all enemies all round. Poof, no cluster.

5 clusters in all, 1 or 2 at a time, all jumping close in, spread over the whole distance, but mainly towards the south end. By that time, there was some heavy duty help around as well, but nothing quite close enough to protect the convoy. Also 3 corvettes jump in close one at a time as the last couple of convoy ships are lining up to jump.

Now, interesting thing. No Fighter groups jumping in this time. Which actually brings up something. The program adapts as you play. So the longer you play the better it thinks you are, and the more it throws at you. This is why some people talk in the forums about impossible odds that no-one else experiences.

Solution ? Quit for a break. When you start the game up again, it reinitialises everything and the mission that was impossible before becomes relatively easy.

Final Fury Mission 7.

Another convoy. 4 ships. I jump in the east gate and they are sitting there like a shag on a rock, doing nothing, going nowhere. Suicidal Paranid apparently.

New convoy, 3 ships, and these guys are in a hurry. All the way south, its random combinations of Corvettes, clusters and fighters, all jumping in about 10km away. SOB. (Standard operational Bullsh*t)!

Final Fury Mission 8.

Death or Glory again, Khaak Sector 931.

Don't make me repeat the ovious.

End of mission, .

Final Fury Mission 9.

Dock at the M148 Military station as usual, and a harried Split tells me that the Khaak are attacking. I can see the red dots, including a capital ship.

Figures. Its kill off the Khaak capital ships day for me personally. 770k plus bounty.

Undock and straight in, as they were almost onto the station.

Khaak Carrier group this time. Same tactics, same result. Getting so gun happy I’m not even seeing whats actually going on. The explosions continue when I close my eyes. . .

Recall again, and I’m only 7kms from the station so docking was quick.

Final Fury Mission 10.

The bugs are active again in the Unknown Sector, but fortunately, no convoy to deal with. 703k plus bounty.

Sweep and clean !

Another Carrier group and a lot of missles shooting around.

Final Fury Mission 11.

Convoy duty. 216,750. Fast group this time, mainly Dragons. Normal operating procedure, Khaak jump in 8 to 10 kms away, turn and face them, quick kills, return to convoy. Rince and repeat.

Final Fury Mission 12.

Convoy again, slow one.
Got a scare off the end of this one. The escort was an MT and 2 Barracuta’s. Well after the freighters gone through, 1 of the Barra’s docks with the MT and then the MT jumps, the other Barra jumps, and suddenly I left with 1 ship to escort thats already gone ! Fortunately, a short wait later and the Split shows up to say mission complete.

Final Fury Mission 13.

Search and Destroy in the Unknown Sector. 2,082,500 credits, plus bounty and rated very hard. Gotta love the yellow arrows. They lead you down one end of the sector then point you to the exact opposite extreme of the sector. Hey, I was just up there !

Pretty normal patrol, the usual Carrier groups, nothing out of the ordinary for around here. .

Final Fury Mission 14.

Death and Glory again in Khaak sector 931. 2,247,500 and bounty.

Just for the hell of it, I took out the station as well.

You get the drift of the missions by now ? On average, they have 2 enemy M1 or M2's, with corvettes and fighters. Sometimes in 2 distinct fleets, sometimes spread out all over the place. The capitals pay 1.5 to 2 mill each, and the corvettes around 150k each. So the more of the bigger ships you take out, the bigger your pay out in any sector where bounty is paid. As you can see, I’m steadily earning 4-5 mill for each such mission, because I’m taking out all the bigger ships myself.

This does vary according to your ranks, but assassin isnt very high. The higher your combat rank, the more opposition you get.

Ironically, this works against you in the Final Fury missions, since at the lowish rank I am, the missions are already difficult for someone in an M7. If you are significantly higher in rank when you start, the numbers of enemy go up significantly. Mind you, so do the potential payouts for taking them all out.

Final Fury Mission 15.

Death or Glory again. SOB. 2,267,500 plus bounty.

Jump to Black Hole Sun.

Someone wants passengers taken to the Silicon Mine Beta in the Unknown Sector I know so well. 229,180 in 22 minutes. Jump to the Unknown Sector, dock at the mine, mission complete. Ironically, this one said it was very hard and turned out to be a cakewalk. A few fighters on the way, bu they couldnt catch me. In a slow badly armed freighter, this might have been hard, but why take a slow badly armed freighter ? Passengers use cargo space though, so you might not have the option, as most M6's don’t ahve enough cargo space to do much of anything in that line of work.
Jump back to BHS, and just before reaching the M2, a Pirate group jump in, Osprey and Eclipses and support, and so I divert to take them out.

Final Fury Mission 16.

Recalled and I jump directly into the middle of an attack on M148. 2,430,504 to defend the sector. I went straight for the nearest Carrier, but the lag was terrible, so had little control and just had to let the turrents do their own thing. I missed taking out the second Carrier, there was a M2 over that side of the sector which must have gotten it while I was bogged down fly swotting.

When they are all dead, new orders come in, as another battlegroup has jumped in directly next to the Military Base (and consequently one irate Split Commander) and your ordered to defend the base. Fortunately I’m not too far away, so it doesnt take too much damage before I get there. But there are 2 Destroyers and several corvettes in this battlegroup, so some damage to the station is inevitable. Beware the station. The M2's are very close to it, and the last thing you need right now is to accidently fire on the station as well. If need be, pull away from the station, and come in at an angle so your firing away from it. Not necessarily easy given how close the M2's are and how much of a hurry you are in to kill them.

All done, and a huge surprise.

118,724,635. 17 million payout for a single mission

Final Fury Mission 17.

“Sacrifice your life if you must” is the order, but the final offensive is at hand. Jump into Khaak Sector 926 and waste it.

There are 3 Khaak stations in here, each with 3 Guardians, which seem to be the Khaak equivalent of Orbital Defense Stations.

The orders are to take out the Guardians, and then take out the stations. Plenty of support craft around so it takes a while.

The last station has to be done last, and when its gone, you get a huge congratulations and no pay.

Congrats you have just been cheated into saving the universe.

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Operation Final Fury Plot
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