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 The Argon Federation

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PostSubject: The Argon Federation   Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:22 pm

Argon Federation

The Argon are a fictional human race in the X computer game series developed by Egosoft.

They are descended from Terrans, but have been living disconnected from Earth for over 800 years. They have colonised many diverse worlds and formed a Federation that enjoys relatively peaceful, profitable relations with other races. Their capital is located in Argon Prime. The Argon Federation is democratic, with every city and space station/factory having its own senator. The leader of the Federation is known as the President, the holder of this position changes between games.

In the late 21st Century, Earth had begun to colonise space. To aid them, the Terrans created a fleet of terraforming drones to modify hostile planet environments into a habitable state for human colonisation. However, in 2146, following a software malfunction, the terraformers turned against their creators, and quickly overran and destroyed Earth's defenseless colonies, and, within a year, were ready to "Terraform" Earth. A small fleet, lead by Captain Nathan R. Gunne, engaged the Terraformers and managed to draw them away from Earth through a jumpgate, which was immediately destroyed afterwards, trapping both the Terraformer fleet, and Gunne's fleet, within the X Universe. Gunne's fleet were able to escape the Terraformers, and later crash-landed on a planet not too dissimilar from Earth, which is now known as Argon Prime, and founded the Argon Federation.

Over the centuries, the Argon forgot about Earth. Political reforms made all history of Earth restricted or lost to time, however the memory and legend of Earth may have been lost if it weren't for the Goner sect.

By the time of X: Beyond the Frontier (X:BTF) the Argon are a powerful race within the X Universe. In the events of X:BTF, they lead the counter-attack with help from stranded Earth pilot Kyle Brennan against the Terraformers, now known as the Xenon.

The Argon are long-term allies of the Boron Kingdom, and the two races form the Foundation Guild. Although recently at peace with the Paranid Empire and Split Dynasty, diplomatic disputes occasionally flare up into skirmishes.
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The Argon Federation
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