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 Ships and Technology

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PostSubject: Ships and Technology   Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:24 pm

Argon Ships and Technology

Argon ships are considered the most well-rounded ships in the X universe. Their designs are partially inspired by the Boron Kingdom, however they do not share the peaceful nature of the Boron, meaning their ships may mount more aggressive weapons such as the Mass Driver, which completely ignores shields. The Mass Driver was developed according to some very old re-discovered documents. It's performance was so impressive, the Split Dynasty paid enormous fees for the designs so they could manufacture it as well.

With the development of the M3 class Nova heavy fighter to replace the aging Elite, the Argon were the first race to incorporate turrets on fighters. They also have technologically advanced shipyards, allowing the construction of increased shield capabilities and enhanced engine performance. In the past, the other races were able to laugh at the Elite, however today it is a very different story. Although the Nova is one of the slowest M3 fighters, it carries enough firepower to silence any comparable challenger or critics. Similar upgrades were incorporated in the M4 class Buster interceptor, and the newly introduced M6 class Centaur corvette, while the Elite has since been re-designed and re-introduced to service as a next-generation M4 class fighter.
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Ships and Technology
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