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 The Boron Kingdom

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PostSubject: The Boron Kingdom   Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:25 pm

Boron Kingdom
A Boron space pilot

The Boron are a fictional alien race in the X computer game series developed by Egosoft. They are aquatic creatures which have become one of the most technically advanced races in the X universe. They have had constant conflicts with the Split Dynasty since the end of the Boron Campaign with skirmishes on the Split-Boron border.

Their home sector is Kingdom End, located North-West of Argon Prime on the galactic map. The Boron Kingdom have an elected government and a Royal Family, headed by Queen Atreus, with her daughter Princess Menelaus is the heir apparent after the death of her husband, King Rolk, in a space cruiser accident. The Boron are peaceful by nature but will defend themselves or fight in wars for the well being of themselves and their allies. They constantly have to repel minor attacks by Split pilots but they have developed many technologies to repel them.

The Boron were found by Argon Federation ships searching for Xenon sectors about 450 years before the events of X: Beyond the Frontier. The Split Dynasty had destroyed most of the Boron colonies, forcing them back to Kingdom End. The Argon helped repel an attack on the Boron home-world and officially entered the war themselves. The Paranid Empire sent ships to supplement Split Dynasty warships in an attack on Argon Prime. This war is now known as The Boron Conflict.

After The Boron Conflict, the Boron allied themselves with the Argon Federation and the two races formed the Foundation Guild. In response to this, the Paranid Empire and the Split Dynasty formed the Profit Guild, and accepted the Teladi Company at a later date.

The Boron have had no direct contact with the Xenon, however they are well aware of their presence from their alliance with the Argon.
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The Boron Kingdom
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