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 The Paranid

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The Paranid are a fictional insectoid culture in the X computer game series by Egosoft.

They have a closed society based around the religious worship of "Xaar". Paranid have three eyes which, they believe, endows them with unique insight - and occasional cause of tensions between them and "lesser" two-eyed beings. They are a founding member of the Profit Guild. Their home planet resides in Paranid Prime.

Around 450 years before the events of X: Beyond the Frontier (X:BTF), the Paranid were allies with the Split Dynasty in a campaign against the Boron Kingdom. With their combined force, they razed the Boron Kingdom and drove the Boron back to their home-sector, Kingdom End. Their attack was finally halted by an Argon intervention over the Boron homeworld. In the following years, their conquests were reversed and the Split and Paranid were driven from Boron space. Finally a peace treaty was agreed. The Argon Federation and the Boron Kingdom soon solidified their alliance into the Foundation Guild. The Paranid Empire and Split Dynasty subsequently formed the Profit Guild, though there have still been many disagreements between the two races.

Paranid are physically strong, with an aptitude for science. They produce a number of high-tech goods, particularly including weapons technology. They tolerate trade with the other "lower life" races, but are culturally insular and do not encourage social contact with other races. Strangers are unwelcome in their sectors, and will typically be turned away, making it virtually impossible to befriend or even understand them. Non-Paranids are also forbidden to settle or live within Paranid colonys. This attitude has earned them a nickname: Paranoid. The Paranid Empire is theocratic, with each Paranid sector is ruled by a 'Priest Duke' in the name of the Pontifex Maximus Paranidia - the Empereror of all Paranid. The inner-workings of their political systems are not well understood.

The Paranid are founding members of the Profit Guild, with the Teladi Company and the Split Dynasty. Although recently at peace with the Argon Federation and Boron Kingdom, their relations with the Argon often grow strained, especially after the appearance of the Kha'ak, with trade being the only real contact between the two races.
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The Paranid
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