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 Ships and Technology

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PostSubject: Ships and Technology   Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:29 pm

Paranid Ships and Technology

The Paranid have always known how to make good combat ships, having the best fighter classes within the Commonwealth of Planets. However, their designs have little imagination and are purely functional, discarding most comforts. However, if you're looking for a ship that'll remain intact after a heavy fire fight, a Paranid ship would be an excellent choice.

Paranid engineers were responsible for the creation of the Phased Shockwave Generator, and Fragmentation Bomb Launcher, having a much wider area of effect than standard lasers, but gives an increased chance of friendly fire incidents.

The Paranid were forced to sell their designs for the Particle Accelerator Cannon to other races during a recession, which was rumoured to be caused by the small cargo bays in their transport ships. Since this embarrassment, the Paranid secret service has since prohibited the future sales of weapon designs to other races.
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Ships and Technology
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