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 Split Dynasty

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PostSubject: Split Dynasty   Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:32 pm

Split Dynasty

The Split are a fictional warlike, humanoid race in the X computer game series by Egosoft.

Split society is composed of distinct clans, or Families. Each family is fiercely competitive, establishing hierarchy through might, hegemony, alliance and conspiracy. No family is sacrosanct, as demonstrated when the formerly dominant 'Chin' family were overthrown by the 'Rhonkar' between X: Beyond the Frontier and X2: The Threat. Their home planet is situated in Family Pride.

About 450 years before the events of X: Beyond the Frontier, the Split Dynasty, with back up from the Paranid Empire, attacked the Boron Kingdom, destroying most Boron colonies and pushing them back to their homeworld of Kingdom End. The Argon Federation came to the aid of the Boron Kingdom, repelling Split attacks, and officially entered the war themselves. The Paranid Empire then launched a retaliatory attack against the Argon home sector, Argon Prime. Eventually, the Split Dynasty and Paranid Empire were overpowered, and conceded defeat in what was later to be known as The Boron Conflict. To this day, they still control large sections of former Boron Kingdom space.

The Split are physically strong, and very social status conscious. Their ships reflect their aggressive nature, which tend to be built around heavy weaponry, with defenses added only as an after-thought. Politically, the Split are dynastic, with each sector ruled by a dominant Family. Each Split, either through birth or allegiance, belong to a certain family. Minor families compete for status, favour, and resources, but ultimately all are loyal to the dominant family - For now, at least.

The Split are founding members of the Profit Guild, with the Teladi Company and the Paranid Empire. Although recently at peace with the Argon Federation and Boron Kingdom, relations are still very strained with the Boron, leading to skirmishes flaring up on the borders.
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Split Dynasty
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