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 Ships and Technology

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PostSubject: Ships and Technology   Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:33 pm

Split Ships and Technology

The split are of the firm belief of "If you can't eliminate your enemy with the first shot, get a bigger weapon or get more support". They are impatient, and have an insatiable need to be the first to join any conflict. With these beliefs, their ships usually carry powerful weapons and fast engines, but hold little in the way of shielding and defenses. In one particular project, shields were retro fitted as they were left out of the original design. The engineers still complain, citing the missed opportunity to fit the ship with more weaponry. Despite this, Split ships are known to be some of the best combat ships, if you're willing to go in to battle with weaker shields.

Split ships are also still known to take use of the Markus Spacefly to power their engines. This is seen as abuse by all other races, although this has not stopped the Split. It was with extreme reluctance at first by Split traders to fit Ion Disruptors to their ships, but was later discovered they could be used to hunt for Markus Spaceflys.
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Ships and Technology
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