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 Teladi Company

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PostSubject: Teladi Company   Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:35 pm

Teladi Company

The Teladi are a fictional reptilian, humanoid race in the X computer game series by Egosoft.

Everything the Teladi do is driven towards the cost and possible return. Most of the other races within the X universe view them as greedy and lazy, and some even consider them stupid, though this is mostly from those who have never traded with them. Because of this mentality, they enjoy good relations with most races, as war would generally cause damage to their profits. They were also the last species in the Community of Planets to develop space travel technology.

The Teladi Company is led by a Chairman, with the current chairman being Ceo. The Teladi company is not a member of the Universe Transport Regulations group, so it is legal to buy, sell, and consume Space Weed and Space Fuel in Teladi sectors without police intervention. SQUASH mines are also tradable in their sectors. Due to their liberal view of trade regulations, the Teladi Company has long been linked to Pirate activity.

The Teladi are a member of the Profit Guild, along with the Paranid Empire and Split Dynasty, although they are not a founding member. Due to their reptilian nature, the Teladi are also the only species to be entirely female. The Teladi home world resides in the sector Seizewell.
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Teladi Company
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