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 Goner Temple Plot

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PostSubject: Goner Temple Plot   Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:21 pm

The Goner Plot:

Mission 1:

In Elusium of light (Around Omrycon Lyre please cope with the spelling) theres a Goner Ozias here with a mission symbol so I fly up to him. Theres a guy who wants to talk.

Mission 2:
Deliver 2000 Ore. Fly to about 3km of Ozias, and its autodelivered.
Deliver 200 Silicon. Nose up to Ozias, autodelivered.

Mission 3:
Next talk to Jani Hall. He also wants 2000 Ore and then 1,200 Telad. Deliver to Ozias.

Mission 4:
Dock at the Teladianium Foundry M in Bright Profit and talk to Jako Rider. He has 625 Telad Pannelling to be delivered to the Ozias.

Jump to Bright Profit and dock. Goods autotransfered, order to deliver, but no chat. Jump back to Elysium. RV with Ozias. Mission complete.

Mission 5:
Talk to Hall. Deliver 3 X Argon TS to SPP M alpha. The destination shows up in the guidance, not the orders. 20,000 plus the cost of the ships.

Buy some in Omrycon Lyre's shipyard.

As each docks, you get a message with a “turn them over” bar, click to do so. When all 3 are docked and turned over, mission is complete.

Next, talk to Avens on the Ozias.

Note: If you have universe trader MAKE SHURE they dont dock or yeah...

Mission 6:
You are asked to build a Telad. Foundry in Elysium. 2,639,414 payment with a 1 hour 50 minutes time limit.

Jump the TL to PTNI Headquarters. Buy foundry M for 325,008, jump it Elysium, drop the station right on top of the navigation beacon and your done. Jump the TL home again. Easy money !

Mission 7:
Orders to fly to Wastelands and protect the Goner Truelight Seeker which is under attack.
Since it is invincible its not that hard.
Jumped into Wastelands west gate. No sign, but follow the arrows. Its about half way accross the sector and is under attack. Its best not to dawdle about getting there. I have a fast ship, but I did something else before jumping and by the time I got into firing range, the Seeker had already lost shields. Took out the attackers as fast as possible. Don’t look for caps, just shoot to kill.

As soon as the last one is toast, you get ordered to Bright Profit to protect a Telad foundry. I jumped in there, flew to the foundry but there wasnt actually anything there to shoot at.

When close to the foundry, new orders come in to jump to Company Strength and protect a Goner Mercury Tanker. As I get there, I whole heap of Pirate Syndicate Discos appear. These are followed by busters and harriers, then by several Centaurs. All jumping in the West gate. Go to the point I was just shooting them as they came through the gate.

In the meantime, the Truelight Seeker has been captured by the Pirates, so you jump to Midnight Star east gate to start looking for it so you can capture it back.

Needless to say, you now need to be in a ship that can send boarding marines, and preferably one with boarding pods and fully trained marines.

Nothing at Midnight Star east gate, and the arrows point through it, so turn and jump back. Nothing on the other side and the arrows point to the gate to Grand Exchange. Speed over there and jump through.

The Truelight Seeker shows up as blue, surounded by a sea of red. I counted at least 8 Pirate M6's, but I must admit I lost count, and there could have been more.

Fortunately, as I said the Seeker is indestructable.

No problems for the marines, and soon the ship is captured.
Five 5 star marines or you can just get out and claim it but you can't have it untill the plot its almost complete.

Hall who was on the Seeker the last time we saw it, isnt now. Jump to Merchant Haven to look for him on a Blastclaw owned by one Hurtis Tertasobas Yoganis IV.

Theres a time limit to find the ship, but the arrows make this simple.

Once found, your told that Hall isnt on the ship, so ordered to follow the Blastclaw back to base, then get the Meeting Details.

This begins a slow trawl through 3 sectors, so get yourself positioned to follow about 12 km away and then go get some refreshments.

Now, I’d left a good margin, being about 18km behind, well within triplex range, and going just a tad slower, and suddenly I get a message that I’ve lost him. I close up a bit to around 12 km, and he jumps into Maelstrom. I put on speed and jump after him, and once I’m through, I’m about 7km behind now.

10km is too close and 18km is too far away, so I tried keeping about 12km from that point.

Dawdling along accross Maelstrom, the scanner starts picking up groups of red and blue pirates, but nothing particularly close. Just fly casual but don’t look like your flying casual. As long as you don’t get battle music, you fine.

Eventually, target jumps through the west gate. I did a save here just in case. At which point, some red pirates jump in and I’m forced to take them out, before jumping.

And just as well I did. In quick succession, I got 5 different pirate groups on the scanner, all traveling the west-east corridor, or south of it. Although once past, several of these groups turned back, as if they were patrolling.

Nothing bothered with me until nearing the gate, a Caravel freighter and its escorts decided to take a shot at me, so I had a bit of furball that delayed me to just under 18km away, but I got back to a closer range in time to hold the mission together. .

This is interrupted by a cutscene of Hall in his space suit and orders to pick him up.
At about 5km from the Ozias, he transfers over and its mission complete.
Note: I've realy annoyed the pirates so much that when I did this plot I needed to follow the little dude in a M2.

Mission 8:

Orders to go back to the Pirate station and take it out. So jump to Gaian Star.

Immediately you jump in, theres a stop order and please talk to Hall who is now on a Goner Heavy M6 in sector. Well I say immediately but I had time to half kill a pirate I found at the gate. I figured the stop order didnt include that pirate so I killed him anyway.

Apparently there is a Terran agent on the Pirate base, and we need to extract him before taking out the base.

So to get the Pirates freindly enough to dock we need to take them something they want.

Deliver 35 Spaceweed to the Pirate base. Getting the weed isnt too difficult. The other pirate base will likely have some, and if not, the nearest Teladi sector with a Bliss Place will have.

Once you have the weed, theres the minor problem of the pirate base being red and not believing you if you com them and tell them you have an urgent delivery for them.

So fly to the other Pirate base, staying well clear of any red pirates, since if you shoot them that close to a pirate base, it may turn that base red as well, com and look for someone offering to hack stations in the vicinity. Pay whatever he asks, making sure you get the right station hacked, and you can now dock.

Deliver the 35 Spaceweed.

Then deliver 60 Squash Mines.

Once done, the agent comes aboard, you scedadle out of it, cutscene of the base blowing up, and then Jump back to the Ozias in Elysium. At about 4km, the agent beams over, and its mission complete, Plot complete, and a place in Goner history books.

You will get a Unfoccused Jump drive. It is selectable on the left menu.
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Goner Temple Plot
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