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 Ships and Technology

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PostSubject: Ships and Technology   Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:36 pm

Teladi Ships and Technology

The skill of a Teladi is not their ability to sell water to a Boron, as claimed by some, but the ability to adapt anything they can lay their claws on. They rarely develop technology themselves, preferring to trade it with the other races, which makes many of their ships to either perform or appear outdated. Their ships are therefore slower than most other races, but come with a wide spectrum of upgrades, larger cargo spaces, heavier shields and greater turret coverage.

Although they prefer to trade than develop, the Teladi did work with Paranid Empire scientists to create the Phased Shockwave Generator. This weapon creates a wave of phased energy with a wide area of effect, making it very efficient at missile defense and Kha'ak clusters that have just broken apart, but is however known for the high risk of friendly fire. This, combined with their greater turret coverage, gives Teladi ships strong defensive capabilities, allowing them to better protect their profits and assets.
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Ships and Technology
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