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 The Khaak Hive

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PostSubject: The Khaak Hive   Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:43 pm


The Khaak are a fictional insectoid race in the X computer game series by Egosoft.

The Khaak first appeared in X2: The Threat, where they were the main antagonists. They have no allies, and are hostile to all races. As of today, there has been no communication from the Khaak. They are a Hive-Minded society, where the individual exists to serve the hive. Each and every Khaak will sacrifice their life without question or hesitation.

Their first official appearance was during a sudden and unprecedented attack in the Argon Federation sector, President's End, completely eradicating the sector. The next major Khaak offensive was against another Argon Federation sector, Omicron Lyrae, using an M0 Mothership sized vessel in an attempt to destroy the planet. This offensive was thwarted by the Argon Federation navy, with help from the Julian Brennan and allies.

In the events of X3: Reunion, the reason for their attacks is revealed. They are an advanced race living outside of the X universe's closed gate network, living in and around asteroids rich in the resource known as Nividium. Some time in the past, a ship from the Paranid Empire arrived in a Khaak sector, and began mining the Nividium-rich asteroids. This prompted a retaliatory attack from the Khaak, attacking indescriminantly, since they saw no difference between the alien races. This information is revealed by Kyle Brennan, the original player character in X: Beyond the Frontier. During X2: The Threat, he is captured by the Khaak after examining a Nividium-rich asteroid in Nyana's Hideout, which was where the legendary ship, the AP Gunner, was later discovered. He is rescued during the attack on Omycron Lyrae, and remains in a coma until mid-way through X3: Reunion.
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The Khaak Hive
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