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 The Terrans

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The Terrans are a fictional human race in the X computer game series developed by Egosoft.

The Terrans are the inhabitants of Earth and the Solar System. They are a technologically advanced race, and although they are genetically identical to the Argon, they are highly suspicious of all other races, including the Argon. They have been connected to the X universe's gate system in the past, however have remained isolated since the Terraformer War which almost destroyed Earth.

The Terrans are responsible for the creation of the Xenon. When the Terrans originally joined the X universe's gate system, they sent a fleet of terraforming drones to create habitable environments for human colonisation. However, a software malfunction turned the Terraformers against the Terrans, attacking and destroying the human colonies, and within a year, launched an attack on Earth to "Terraform" it. A captain named Nathan R. Gunne engaged the Terraformers, and led them through Earth's jumpgate that connected the Terrans to the X universe. Once the Terraformers were led through the gate, it was immediately destroyed, trapping the Terraformers and Nathan R. Gunne's fleet within the X universe, preventing any return to Earth.

Hundreds of years later, the Terrans developed a gate-less jump drive system, which was fitted to the X-perimental Shuttle. This was piloted by Kyle Brennan, the main player character of X: Beyond the Frontier. During a malfunction, the X-perimental shuttle mis-jumped and stranded Kyle Brennan in the Teladi home sector Seizewell. After managing to repair his ship, establish contact with the Argon Federation, and befriend the Goners Kyle was able to convince the Commonwealth of Planets to lead an offensive against the Xenon. After destroying the Xenon's M0 class ship, he founded Terracorp, using the funds of the company to develop the Jumpdrive and Transporter Device in a hope of finding some way back to Earth.

During the events of X3: Reunion, a Paranid Empire experiment in jumpgate building in the sector Heretic's End, which was hijacked by Julian Brennan, Kyle Brennan and a Goner named Thomas, led to the re-connection of Earth to the X universe. This prompted the Terrans to believe a Terraformer attack was imminent, sending multiple warships through the gate to protect Earth from any possible threat. While the gate was being reconnected, the Kha'ak launched a third offensive in to Commonwealth of Planets space, however the arrival of the Terran fleet in Heretic's End brought a quick defeat to the Kha'ak fleet. In the time between X3: Reunion and X3: Terran Conflict, the Terrans had annexed Heretic's End from the Paranid Empire with little contest, and moved the jumpgate from Earth orbit to the Asteroid Belt to better prevent any unauthorised ships from entering Earth orbit.

During the events of X3: Terran Conflict, the Terrans are attacked within the Solar System for the first time since the Terraformer War by the Xenon, the evolutionary descendants of the Terraformers. This prompts an investigation into the Commonwealth of Planets, and during a patrol through Argon Federation space, original Terraformer ships are encountered. The Terrans believe that these ships are being manufactured somewhere within the Commonwealth of Planets, which is later found to be done by the Family Zyarth of the Split Dynasty. When a Family Zyarth scientist is captured, he reveales that one of the original Terraformer creators, Winters, had survived the war, and was manipulating the Xenon from a lost Terran colony, Aldrin. When the Terrans jump to Aldrin, it is revealed that a single Terraformer CPU, DECA, ship did not have the disastrous software malfunction that other Terraformer CPU ships received, however this was being manipulated by Winters against the Aldrin colonists will. DECA is re-captured, however Winters escapes. Later, the Terrans re develop the technology to create jump gates, and link the systems once lost to the Terraformer War back to the Solar System, prompting a new age of rediscovery and expansion.
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The Terrans
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