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 Ships and Technology

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PostSubject: Ships and Technology   Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:58 pm

Terran Ships and Technology

The Terran space forces are divided in to two parts: The United Space Command (USC), and the AGI Task Force (ATF). While the USC does the bulk of the defence against outside threats, the ATF specialise in the defense against and prevention of development of Artificial Intelligence, lest they produce another entity like the Xenon. USC ships are usually fast, well armed, however have mediocre shielding, whereas ATF ships have all the strengths of Terran ships, plus heavier shielding, and are considered some of the deadliest ships within the X universe. While USC ships are purchasable from Terran shipyards, ATF ships are not, and cannot be captured unless boarded.

Terran weapons tend to focus more on all-round performance, compared to Commonwealth of Planets weapons which are more role focused. The main weapons to the terrans are the Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannon, Matter/Anti-Matter Launchers, Starburst Shockwave Cannons and Point Singularity Projectors, all having equivalents to Commonwealth technology, but are usually superior in every way, making Terran ships highly dangerous to their opponents[citation needed]. It is quite difficult to gain access to Terran technology, however if you can, most weaponry is incompatible with non-terran vessels.
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Ships and Technology
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