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 Player Headquarters Plot

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PostSubject: Player Headquarters Plot   Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:23 pm

For many years many players have asked if there is a PHQ. Well THERE IS OK! AND heres how to get it.

Note: To begin you will have to have completed the HUB plot and 6 hours or a few hours on SETA you will be contacted by the borons.

Player Headquarters Plot:

Mission 1:
Jump to Ocean of Fantasy. Talk to Humi Wi on a Boron Ray. BalaGi is now declared missing and the Yaki have been taking advantage.

Ordered to Menelaus Paradise. You jump into a whole heap of Yaki, and need to take them out.

Then go back to the Boron Ray in Ocean of Fantasy, about 5km away to get the next orders.

Jump to Cloud Base South West and talk to Tomes Brano.

Mission 2:
Jump into CBSW south gate. Tomes is on an Argon Cerberus.

Orders to scout Ocracoke’s Storm and take out any enhanced ships you find.
Theres a few Yaki in here, all blue, 1 with enhanced in its name, and another a prototype. Theres also a station in there.

When I get within a few kms of the station, looks like a Military Base, it turns red and orders come through to return to CBSW. No need to shoot anything.

Back to CBSW and talk to Tomes again. Prelude to an attack and theres a minefield around that Base, please go and take it out.

Jump to Ocracoke’s Storm south gate, right by the base, and theres a whole heap of mines on the nav map now.

However, you cannot target them, and they wont show up using find nearest enemy.

All you can do is follow the guidance arrows until you run them down. That means you need a ship with sufficient shielding that mines wont be a problem. Just run them down as fast as you can.

When most are gone, the fleet jumps in, and you get orders to take out the base. No problems for me, but if you not able to, then protect the capital ships that jump in so they can.

When the base is toast, you get told that Humi Wi wants to talk to you again in Kingdom End, so jump to the KE south gate.

Mission 3:
Some Boron scientists have been captured by the Yaki and need rescuing.

First we need to dock at the Military Outpost in Atreus’ Clouds.

Orders to fly to the Pirate Base in Olmancketlot’s Treaty and prepare to protect the Boron scientists as they escape. Flew towards the Base, taking out any reds on the way and at about 4km from the Base, you get told some scientists did escape.

Then your ordered back to Kingdom End. After they are saved of course.

Mission 4:
The Yaki have located BalaGi’s Command Ship. Its an Orca with registration TLNS-43.

The voice over says we must not let the Yaki capture BalaGi’s ship. I’ve no idea why, because you cant stop it.

The most important thing here is to ignore the voice instructions, ignore the mission briefing which says nothing anyway, and once we get going, only follow the guidance arrows.

However, the guidance is well and truly broken to start with.

First thing, find the Orca. If you don’t have any guidance to leave Kingdom End, then the Orca is still there. Locating it is not difficult with a triplex scanner. You will find it does not have a pilot, but is slowly meandering around the sector. You cannot claim it, and you cannot board it, so not worth trying.

Mission 5:
Nothing continues to happen in Kingdom End. And it can continue that way indefinitely it seems.

The voice over mentioned Shore of Infinity and Light Water. The former is on the way to the latter by direct flight.

Jump into the west gate of Shore of Infinity.

This should generate a voice over that says that the Orca has been located in a different sector captured by the Yaki, and the mission briefing should now specify Kingdom End and the arrows point to it.

If you jump into Light Water first, the mission appears to break, so don’t go there, unless by some chance your still being guided there.

Jump back to Kingdom End and re-find the Orca. It should now be in the Mission part of the nav list, and be red. Once you have found it, the mission should change to board the Orca.

Boarding pods do work, remote control of a boarding ship does not work. You have to be on the ship that will do the boarding, and it has to be a ship capable of boarding. I used a Scabbard TP from the Terran Plot.

This worked, the marines hit the hull.
Once the ship is yours, you get the usual end of plot thank you.

The plot reward is in the cargo hold of the Orca. YES I got a awsome orca!
My suggestion then is to drop the Headquarters in the sector you are given in the New Home Plot at location 0,0,0.

Once you have your HQ deployed, dock all your ships and have a RE-verse enginering party!
If you don't know what to do with the Orca try stripping it of all its equipment and dock it at the HQ then rename it as the "Bala Gi's Memorial Museum Ship Orca" Well since the little boron dudes said that he is presumed dead. But now you have a HQ so BUILD A EMPIRE!

Note: In 2.0 and up when you start the Aldirin Expansion Plot Bala Gi will be reserected. Don't really know why but YAY

You can check the General catagory for more information about the PHQ.
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Player Headquarters Plot
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