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 Ship Capturing Guide

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PostSubject: Ship Capturing Guide   Sat Sep 25, 2010 7:01 pm

Ship Capturing Guide:

Reasons for Capturing?
Capping is a great way to make cash in the beginning of the game and can play a big part in getting enough cash to start an empire. Also, it requires no start-up cash. Just a ship and guns.

Note: You can only capp M5, M4, M3, TS, TP, class ships. The other ships you have to look in the Boarding Guide.

M5 Capping:
Fly to ore belt and wait for a convoy of pirate harriers to come along, make sure they are 30 KM away from their base and fly with in 10 KM of the convoy. SAVE. Fly in full speed and kill everything except a SINGLE harrier, you choice which one.
Remove the shields with PAC's and get behind him. Switch to IRE's and let loose (Tip, have two weapon groups one with PAC's and one with IRE's) when you hit his hull and reduce it about 14%, fly away and make sure he's following. Reason: Weapons are mounted on the front and if you hit their weapons, they bail faster. Switch to PACs and remove the shields then hit him with IRE's. Get behind him, wait for shields to regen alittle and let loose.
Soon the ship turns blue, the pirate has bail , kill him. get close to the empty ship and space walk. Fly to 30m away and hit "i" and then claim. Get back to your ship by selecting it and hitting "E"

You just capped your first fighter.

For the noobs
(A??) = Advanced (Weapon)
(PAC) = Particle Accelerator Cannon
(PPC) = Photon Pulse Cannon
(PBE) = Pulsed Beam Emitter
(FAA) = Flak Artilary Array
(IRE) = Impule Ray Emitter
(HEPT) = High Energy Plasma Thrower

Capping M4's
Get in close and rip in with PACs until the shields drop and pop two shot from a PAC into him and fly away and hit em from the front. When the shields are down, use the IRE's and wait for him to bail

Capping M5's
The same idea here, but wait until you have a nicer ship, Ions, PACs and IRE's. Use the Ions and use PACs to drop the hull a little and fire the PAC's and IRE's until they bail,

-Recommendations and tips

These are from the Vanilla version of X3.

* M3- A falcon hands down, use Ions to strip shields and then use the highly accurate PBE to remove the hull, piece by piece.
* M4- A Mako is the best: fast, Ions, PBE's, its great, Just remember to come from directly above if attacking a M3, turrets are nasty
* M5- A harrier if you want shields or a Jaguar if you like speed, both can carry APAC's and IRE's, use recommended for M5 capping only
* M6- A Xenon P if you can get it, but if not, a Hydra, Ions and PBE's, have fun
* TP- Only use a Iguana, if you can, a vanguard, Ion's, PAC's and IRE's on a cheap hull, a good substitute for a M3.


* IRE's- Great for removing hull points bad with shields, use with Ions or a heavier laser,
* PAC's- Ok for M4 and M5 shield removal, use with IRE's to make great cap combo. If you're fighting a M3 use it to remove hull points
* HEPT- M3 shield removal, and M6 hull removal, very heavy fire, use sparsely
* PSG- good for removing m5 protecting a M3, use to remove shields
* Mass Drivers- Useful for removing the Hull BEFORE the shields, if you forget this you will destroy the ship, generally, this is good for removing escorts from the picture
* Ion Distruptors- Best for killing shields and equipment very useful
* PPC- Good for nothing unless you are after an corvette or capital ship.
* FAA- Too strong, will kill too many people.
* PBE- Good and accurate, low range but weaker versions are good for removing hull
* Kyon Emitters- Yes! These are great! They do damage to hull and shields and always hit. Also, they stop as soon as you release the fire key; preserving the hull of the ship you're capping.
* Missles- Only for dropping shields, use sparingly and at you own risk …
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Ship Capturing Guide
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