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 Aldirin Expansion Plot

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PostSubject: Aldirin Expansion Plot   Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:24 pm

Aldrin Plot:
You get a message from Craig Armston of the Terran Resource Evaluation Commission asking you to dock at the Orbital Patrol Base in Asteroid Belt.

Mission 1:
Use the unfocussed jump drive to scout for valuable or abundant minerals. Pays 20k + resource worth. No time limit. You will need a Mineral Scanner before you start.

You will also be asked to scan 4 asterioids.

Once all are scanned, you are asked to mine and deliver 100 Nvidium.

When you have mined your Nvidium, engage jump drive and it will automatically take you back to the Asteroid Belt. Dock to complete the mission. The Nvidium is taken off the ship automatically.

Mission 2:
Fly to the Earth Torus to meet Gen. Don Hammond of the ATF. You will need a jumpdrive as the mission will take you to Aldrin.

Follow the yellow arrows.

When you get to the Torus, remember, DON’T use the autopilot! It is explianed in the Terran plot about it.

Deliver a data storage device to Lt. Jake Griffith at Aldrin Energy production Base XL epsilon. 30K.

Undock and jump to Aldrin.

The destination is 283 km away, highlighted by the yellow arrows, so click your mouse on it to target it, then fly to it.

Mission 3:
Take Griffith to the USC Orbital Supply Base in sector Aldrin 2 in orbit of the planet Armstrong. Pays 20k.

If your using a larger ship that could not dock with the station you just left, make sure you remember which ship you leave Griffith in !

Fly to the trans-orbital accelerator for Aldrin 2.

Dock the ship carrying Griffith at the Supply Base.

Mission 4:

Fly to the Gate, following the guidance arrows. It’s a normal gate, but as yet not connected to anywhere.


Patrol Aldrin 2. Pays 750,221 plus. Xenon targets.

When all Xenon are chip dust, you will be told to fly to Terran Unknown Sector 1, through the gate.

The actual mission is to scan 8 asteroids.
Once you have scanned all the asteroids, it’s a good place to save.

Next, escort the highlighted ship, Terran Science Ship Katana, to an unknown object.

When the object has been picked up, there is a cutscene.

Now fly to Terran Unknown Sector 2.

After transition, there are 2 quick cutscenes, then your ordered to fly to the Terran Tyr, back through the gate.
At about 7km from the Tyr, you get orders to wait for new orders. Don’t go anywhere, it wont be long to wait. Thats a stupid order isint it?

Mission 5:
Recon of Perpetual Sin, for evidence of super weapon use or a destroyed Khaak stronghold.

Jump to Perpetual Sin south gate. Mission is to find evidence of the Khaak. There are ship debris in the distance. Looks like an old Titan. And another. Your looking not for ship debris, but an unknown object. When you get within a few km of one of them, you get told to scan it. Go up to about 500 meters, and you will hear “scanning, scan complete”. You then get a new message.

Mission 6:
Deliver a Nemesis to the Teladi Trading Station in Spaceweed Grove. Buy one from a Paranid Shipyard and get it to the Trading Station. You get the value of it back when its delivered. If your not flying it yourself, dock ahead of it first, so you are on the station when it docks.

When the Nemesis docks, you get a message and are asked to turn over the Nemesis. Click on “Your Nemesis” to deliver it.

You then get 2 messages, one from the Paranid, and the other from Griffin.

Tasks complete for now. Just wait for the next message.

Mission 7:
Time to shoot some Paranid ! The mission is to run interference while some Terran captives of the Paranid are rescued. 20k pay.

Fly to Unknown Sector by Unholy Descent. On entering the sector, everything Paranid is red. Take out all Paranid objects.

When the last is gone, you get asked to escort a Terran Yokohama which is going to board a prison transport. Follow it until its boarding is complete. They leave the Paranid crew floating in space, so its up to you what you want to do with them. Shoot, road kill, slavery... starvation... suffocation or space fly food.

Mission 8:
Fly to Terran Unknown Sector 3. I didnt get any guidance, so I jumped to Terran Unknown Sector 1, and the guidance then showed up with a new East Gate. Fly through that.

Search the sector. You will find a Boron Angel TP, piloted by BalaGi somewhere there. Fly close and you get a message to escort the Angel to Aldrin 2.

When the Angel jumps into Aldrin 2, the mission is complete. No further mission is offered immediately.

Mission 9:
Destroy Xenon in TUS3. Jump into TUS3. Go to the aid of the mining base ship. Take out the Xenon patrol.

Tow the Mining Base ship to Aldrin 2. You will need a ship that can mount a Tractor beam in the rear turrent, and of course, a tractor beam. Once you get it inside the gate in Aldrin 2, tow it towards the Base. After a couple of km, you will get a message from Griffin. The Mining ship is now yours. It's not the best ship but it looks sort of like a tokyo so you could try and fool your friends...

Mission 10:
Dock at the Orbital Patrol Base in Asteroid Belt for new orders.

Transport a Glowing Crystal to the Gate Production Complex in Neptune. A fast ships helps here.

Fly to within 5km of the Gate complex, and you will get a new message.

Now jump to Kingdom End to talk to BalaGi on the Royal Boron Trading Station. When in range, com. Next, dock at the Trading Station to pick up BalaGi.

Transport BalaGi to your Hub in the Unknown Sector.

Connect the hub to Terran Unknown Sector 1 and Terran Unknown Sector 2.

Remember: Your ships might have to go the "Long way" if you're not careful.

Fly into TUS2. Find an inactive Gate. Its about 60km away. Should be visible to your naked eye, if you look around a bit. Fly up close to the gate. You get a new message and then a cutscene.

The gate is connected to Neptune automatically and the Plot is complete.

Now you can Buy Terran stations! In TUS1 (I think)
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Aldirin Expansion Plot
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