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 A New Home Plot

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PostSubject: A New Home Plot   Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:26 pm

A New Home Plot:
Your sector has arived...

Mission 1:
The plot begins when you are between 2 and 6 sectors away from Danna's Chance, after you've completed the Terran and Goner plots. You have to have patch 2.6 installed.

You can tell them that you're busy; the mission will disappear for 30 minutes and will reappear the next time you get within the right range of Danna's Chance. However, it seems that if you do this, then every time the plot start message is triggered the game will duplicate all of the plot critical ships that it adds at the start. It is recommended by myself that you accept the first time and complete the first mission; it is not hard or particularly time consuming if you have more than a million Credits and will leave you at a point where you can forget about it indefinitely without being bothered by a message every 30 minutes.

You get a message from a guy named Jeff Marxon, who is in Danna's Chance chasing down a Terraformer CPU ship. It's heading for Freedom's Reach with the apparent intention of blowing the sector there to smithereens. When you arrive in Danna's Chance, the CPU ship jumps out. Time to get in your TM if you're not already in it.

The CPU ship is now blocking the gate on the other side. The plot has a "Script" that destroys any ships owned by you but not pilloted by you. I was verry agitated when a stupid teladi TS simply skipped by the CPU ship while my fleet was going MIA.

You will have to go into Danna's Chance and use the UFJD from there. Keep doing it untill you make it there. If you have gone into freedoms reach by the jump gate then reload. For this to work you need to be in a TM with one fighter docked.

The station is under attack and remember fight with your fighter! Also dont go on the north side of the Station because the CPU ship will get you.

Once you've destroyed three of the attacking fighters, and after a time limit, you'll get a message to dock with the station. When you are ready to dock with the station, make sure that you have enough cargo space for the 100-odd passengers, as it seems that glitches can occur if you don't. You need almost 600 cargo units worth; you'll get the civvies transferred (and you'll be given a free CLS if you didn't already have one) and then you just need to jump back to Elena's Fortune using standard jump and dock at the Military Outpost. Section complete.

Mission 2:
Now, that gobbledegook message that you got has piqued your curiosity. Apparently, this CPU ship's name is #cafe.

We're looking for a Boron scientist, Bola Hi, who is in Queen's Retribution. He's supposed to be on the shipyard, but when you get there, he's out on a research mission in the Aldrin system. So begins the long hunt. Sigh*

When you get to Aldrin, you need to make your way right round the rock to the correct Ship Production Base (whichever one has the book symbol).
When you get to the Ship Production Base, the chief engineer does not know what a Boron is. He directs you back to the Unknown Base.

Note: If you have done the Aldirin Expansion Plot before this the sector will have TOA's (Trans-Orbital-Acelerators) and that will save a hour of SETA.

When you get there, dock, and you'll be able to talk to the USC professor Ketraar, who puts you in contact with the Boron scientist. After a short wait, you get another message telling you that they've decoded enough of the message to send you on your way.

Mission 3:
This thing we're looking for being the #cafe's sister ship, the #efaa.
#cafe is apparently struggling with the virus that turns Terraformers into Xenon.
Since the distress call.
#efaa made contact with the Boron a long time ago and they've been #efaa, despite the fact that its partner
#deca blew Black Hole Sun to bits.
#efaa might be able to help #cafe, and you've got to find it an ask it politely to do so. Hoping that it doesn't canabolise you in the process.

Keep UFJD until you get a message telling you your jumpdrive just failed. You're now in the right sector. Cruise to some ship debris and from there, #efaa appears. Go up to her, and she decides that you're hostile. After some convincing (the bottom of the two responses is the one you want), #efaa accepts that you mean no harm and demands control of your ship computer...

Mission 4:
#efaa takes us back to Freedom's Reach, and tells us to fly up to #cafe. We have to break #cafe's firewall, and to do that requires codebreaking!

We also get an annonymous message from what appears to be a Malcolm Winters.

Get within comms range of #cafe, and come to a full stop. Make sure you're at a full stop too, as if you drift out of comms range you'll hate yourself.

First, you've got to break a 4-digit code. It isn't too hard, as it tells you how many of the 4 digits are right, wrong, and in the wrong place. Problem is, it changes if you take too many tries or abort the attempt.

Next there's a Sudoku puzzle to solve or get a sudoku solver to do for you! Inputting the data takes ages and you dont have a SETA in real life, take your time and make sure that you get it right! If you don't have a window, make sure that you're in comms range and then comm the #cafe. If that doesn't work, fly away from it and approach again.

Stage 3 involves putting a password into the mainframe. The password is USCWintersalpha_omegaUSCMarteen_earth_plus.omega

With this, #cafe stops its murderous rampage and it's time for a new mission.

Mission 5:
#cafe drops an astronaut in space. Move in and pick him up. He's the one responsible for this mess. You have to take him first to Danna's Chance, then to Elena's Fortune and dock at the Military Outpost.

There, you pick up the Teladi station owner and have to taxi him back to Freedom's Reach, where he discusses your reward.

Your very own sector. But you're going to pay for it. You first have to find a Paranid who will complete the paperwork for a modest fee of about 390 million Credits, paid in two parts (56M to the Teladi and 333M to the Paranid paper-pusher). You can leave this bit if you're low on cash.
Note: Have the credits BEFORE you talk to the teladi dude because you will only get the offer once.
The Paranid guy doesn't care so ask him as many times as you want.

Once you've paid up, your sector is spawned; it's north of the Unknown Sector that is east of Zyarth's Dominion. You get to choose its name from a list. I recommend the last one for a PHQ sector.

Enjoy your new sector!
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A New Home Plot
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