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 The Hub Plot

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PostSubject: The Hub Plot   Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:20 pm

The Hub Plot:
To start this plot you will have to be...
Rank: Boron Kings Knight
Fly: To any Boron System
Talk to: Mahi Mi (flies a Boron Enhanced Dolphin - he will say hello to you)
Trading Rank: Vendor

Fly To Xenon Core 023 (fly though east gate of Xenon Sector 627)
You will be asked to investigate the Unknown Sector then you will be called back.
Talk To Mahi Ma, he will then bail so you will have to pick Up Mahi Ma manually.
His ship will be claim able but according to some people his ship is indestructable, so I shot it to see if it was and then it went boom. After reloading I then transported Mahi Ma to the hub
You will have to deliver to the hub a long shopping list of wares he needs to fix the hub and find his friend.

Mission 1:
Deliver: 400 x Computer Components
Deliver: 500 x Microchips
Repair: Capactors
Connect: Gate set one
Reward: Link first set of gates

Mission 2:
Deliver: 150,000 x Teladianium
Deliver: 450,000 x Ore
Reward: You can now move the first set of gates.

Mission 3:
Deliver: 500 x Nividium (You can find a nividium roid in the unknown sector above Argon sector M148 in the NE part of the map)
Deliver: 750,000 x Crystals (v2.7 250,000)
Reward: Second set of gates

Mission 4:
Pay: Otmanckstras 15M Credits
Transport: Otmanckstras to the hub
Deliver: 400,000 x Silicon Wafers
Deliver: 85,000 Microchips Reward: Third set of gates

Mission 5:
At the end of this plot you will have to transport the little boron and take him home, he will say hi to the queen for you.
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The Hub Plot
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