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 Ships and technology

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PostSubject: Ships and technology   Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:43 pm

Khaak Ships and Technology

The Khaak are highly advanced compared to the other X universe races. They use gate-less jumpdrives, similar to the one developed on the X-perimental Shuttle that brought Kyle Brennan to the X universe in X: Beyond the Frontier. However, their smaller ships do not contain individual jump drives, but rather, link up into clusters to jump, which breaks up before attacking. Once the cluster breaks apart into individual ships, they then swarm the enemy with multiple small fighters and few larger ones. Khaak ships are uncapturable, as Khaak fighter pilots will not bail from their ships, and their capital ships cannot be boarded. (In X-2: The Threat, Khaak ships are captureable, don't expect weapons though.)

The main Khaak weapon is unique to the other races: the Kyon Emitter. The Alpha Kyon Emitter is mounted on Scouts, Beta Kyon Emitters on larger ships from the Interceptors up to their newly discovered Corvettes, and the Gamma Kyon Emitters are mounted on their capital ships, with each subsequent weapon having longer range and more hitting power. A 'Super' Kyon Emitter is mentioned to be in place on the M0 class ship; capable of ripping apart capital craft in mere seconds, and is supposedly to be used to break apart even planets, as we see in the attack on Omicron Lyrae (though thwarted by the player). Because the Khaak employ beam weapons, they rarely miss, making missile attacks extremely hard unless swarm missiles are used.
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Ships and technology
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